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GuideThe Beaches of Guyana

The beaches of Guyana are an attraction for tourists. With many beautiful beaches, this country is known for its dense rainforest, cricket, calypso music, and English-speaking citizens.

Shell Beach Protected Area

Shell Beach is a unique coastal protected area in Guyana. It is a place of incredible biodiversity and is home to some of the country’s most endangered species. Located in northwest Guyana, the Shell Beach Protected Area is a large expanse of undeveloped, tropical coastline. The area is inhabited by residents who contribute significantly to its preservation.

In 2011, the Guyana Protected Areas Commission declared the Shell Beach Protected Area. This coastal area stretches over 120 kilometers of beach. The area includes eight Amerindian titled communities and three Community Development Councils.

Sea turtles, capuchin monkeys, egrets, ibis, and West Indian Manatees are some of the animals found in this area. These are all protected by the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society.

Four of the country’s most endangered sea turtles nest on the Shell Beach coast. These are Green, Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley. They are threatened by plastic pollution, commercial fishing, hunting, and coastal erosion.

Visitors can watch turtles as they make their way ashore. For this reason, it is best to visit the beach during the nesting season.

To access Shell Beach, visitors must obtain a permit. The permit is issued by the Protected Areas Commission. Once obtained, travelers must board a government-approved boat. Depending on the season, the trip may take between two and twelve hours. After reaching the area, travelers must pack a hat and sunglasses, plenty of water, and a sunscreen.

Beach Berbice

Beach Berbice is a stretch of 10 miles that links various villages along the Corentyne River. It’s a good place for swimming, fishing, and even jet skiing. In addition, it is close to the Suriname border.

The beach is popular with both locals and tourists alike. Number 63 Beach in particular has long held the title as the best beach in Guyana. Despite this, it has suffered from the ravages of time.

Although the beach is a fun spot to visit, it is not the most user friendly. To make it more enjoyable, the authorities could do a few things. They could improve the infrastructure. This would include providing better parking and sanitary facilities.

Another would be to improve the lighting. During nighttime, it can get very dark. As a result, it is difficult to see where you are going.

There is also a need for improved toilet facilities. Some of the wooden benabs are in a poor state of repair.

One would think that the best place to do the simplest of all tasks is to do it in the most obvious way. This would involve getting some entrepreneurial leadership on board.

This will be the best way to attract visitors. Other options include improving the facilities at the local horse racing track. These can be upgraded to draw more visitors.

While the best beach in Guyana is hard to come by, Number 63 Beach has a lot of potential to become the next hot spot for tourism. A bit of care and planning could turn it into a beach destination that all Guyanese will enjoy.


Guyana has several great beaches. The most famous is perhaps the Hamburg Beach on Tiger Island. For the less adventurous, there are many riverside resorts where you can spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the scenery.

Another cool beach is Shell Beach, which is a 90-mile stretch of coastline in the northwest. It has mangroves and is home to at least four species of turtles. Some people even go as far as to say it supports jaguars.

There is also the Saxacalli Beach, which is considered one of the best inland beaches in Guyana. This was once the site of an indigenous Arawak community.

There are a number of hotels in Corriverton including the Paraton Inn and Mahogany Hotel. You can also stay at the New Amsterdam, which is moderately priced. Several tour companies offer day excursions from Georgetown. They include the Corriverton Beach and Skeldon attractions.

The town of Parika is also within reach by car or bicycle. Visitors can go shopping and sampling local cuisine in the markets. Those with more time on their hands can try their hand at liming, which is a little easier to do at Bartica.

Despite being a relatively undeveloped country, Guyana offers a lot of things to do. As the only English-speaking nation in South America, it is the perfect destination for travellers who enjoy the outdoors. And with a tropical climate, you can do it all year round.


The beaches of Linden, Guyana have always attracted a large number of tourists from all over the world. Located in the Bayrock section of the town, Linden offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions is the famous blue lake. Often referred to as the “blue lakes” of Guyana, these turquoise lakes are surrounded by towering hills. They are a true marvel of nature. Although they have not been officially named, the residents of Linden have given them their name.

There are two main types of precipitation in the Linden area: rain and snow. Rain alone makes up the majority of the precipitation, while snow is rarely seen.

The average annual temperature at the coast is +27 degS. This is slightly cooled by trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. However, the climate of the interior areas is a warm and humid tropical climate.

The rainy season occurs twice a year, from April to August and then again from October to November. In the summer months, it’s generally cloudy and windy.

The best time to visit the beaches of Linden, Guyana is between mid-June and mid-September. This is when the beach/pool score is at its highest. A beach/pool score favors clear, rainless days.

In the year 2023, the longest day is June 21, with a total of 12 hours and 28 minutes of sunlight. During this period, the sun sets around 6:12 PM.

Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day is an important day in the history of the African-American community. This holiday marks the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Caribbean. When the Compensated Emancipation Act was signed in 1865, many former slaves were freed and began to live in a new society.

A variety of events are held throughout the month of April to commemorate Emancipation. These include exhibitions, public discussions, and concerts.

The Emancipation Festival is a big festival that takes place at the National Park in Georgetown. It is a fun event that highlights African traditions and culture. Many of the exhibits feature traditional crafts and food.

In the evening, the festival transforms into an open-air party. People dance, play games, and listen to music. They can also swim or relax under shady trees.

Some people wear traditional African attire. Some others play drums in the square. Traditionally, the celebration starts at midnight.

Other public offices hold special activities. For example, the Minister of Culture and Tourism will typically dress in African clothes. At the same time, representatives from the Commission for Pan African Affairs will be present.

Guyana’s social structure underwent drastic changes when the Emancipation Act was passed. This was the first time that Africans were able to enjoy the rights and freedom that other ethnic groups had already enjoyed.

The celebration is not only a time to celebrate the abolition of slavery, but also to promote a new way of life. Guyanese also try to educate their children and other generations about the significance of Emancipation.


Guyana, a small country on the Atlantic Ocean, is a culturally rich and diverse place to visit. It’s also an eco-tourist’s dream. There are numerous attractions, from waterfalls and beaches to nature and wildlife reserves.

Guyana is home to a range of cultures, from indigenous Amerindian tribes to European and British colonists. It’s also the only English-speaking nation in South America.

Visiting Guyana means embracing a unique blend of Caribbean, Asian and Latin American culture. The food is a mix of local and regional dishes. You can find dishes with spices and herbs in addition to traditional Caribbean dishes.

Guyana’s music, especially calypso, is an amalgam of African and Indian influences. Other popular Guyanese songs include chutney, Bollywood film songs, and Indian music.

Cricket is a popular sport in Guyana. Another sport is boxing. Sports that are less common are table tennis and rounders.

If you want to explore the indigenous heritage of Guyana, consider taking part in a wildlife safari. A trip to the North Rupununi Wetland is a good chance to spot hundreds of bird and fish species. Turtles are also common. They lay up to 120 eggs in nests built in the shells.

The country’s visual arts scene is thriving. Visitors can check out the national gallery at Castellani House, the National Museum, and the Museum of African Heritage. These museums contain archaeological finds and African art.

Many of the cities have historical architecture. Georgetown has Victorian and Dutch colonial buildings.

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