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Bequia, the second-largest of the Grenadine Islands, offers idyllic white sand beaches and an easygoing atmosphere. It has been a haven for sailors and pirates for centuries, creating an idyllic haven with an unbeatable vibe.

Within Bequia’s seven square miles, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Enjoy trips across neighboring islands or just spend an afternoon lazily floating along in motorboats and catamarans.


Bequia is one of the last remaining islands from an earlier era in the Caribbean, and it exudes charm. There are swaying palm trees on sugary beaches and small villages with low-rise shops that retain much of their old-school Caribbean feel. Plus, Bequia boasts genuine hospitality – drivers will stop to say hello when passing you by just to say hi!

Traveling to Bequia with a ferry is one of the simplest ways to enjoy this stunning island. Departing daily from Grenadines Wharf in Kingstown, it takes about an hour to arrive from St. Vincent.

Once in Bequia, tourists have the option of taking either a taxi from the airport to Port Elizabeth or boarding a water taxi for a short ride to their accommodation. Water taxis are especially popular among visitors since they offer the cheapest way to travel around.

Ferries on the island are operated by two different companies and offer a snack and drinks bar onboard, with seating inside or outside for the best view of the island. Most frequently on weekdays, but less frequently at weekends.

Throughout the 19th century, Bequia was home to an exciting boat-building industry. From 28ft whaleboats to large island schooners, builders created vessels of all shapes and sizes on its beaches – at Friendship Bay, Lower Bay, La Pompe, Paget Farm, Hamilton, Belmont and Port Elizabeth.

Bequia’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism and development. From fishermen to lobster divers, taxi drivers to villa construction, garden maintenance crews to yacht-builders – many Bequians are involved in some aspect of tourism.

In the past, Bequia’s economy was heavily dependent on sugar production. By 1828, there were nine sugar plantations and a small community of 1400 inhabitants living there.

Though the island’s population has shrunk over time, its culture and sense of history still remain. You can take a walking tour around its many plantations, visit historic churches and museums, or even join in on an authentic Carib ceremony or dance!

Bequia’s climate is ideal for visiting and relaxing, rarely exceeding 25 degrees Celsius (77degF). Though it is too far south to experience hurricanes in full force, Bequia does receive tradewinds most of the year.


Taxis are vehicles you hire to transport you around the city. Depending on where you live, you may hail one at the side of the road or book it through an online service.

The terms “taxi” and “cab” are often used interchangeably, though their definitions differ depending on where you live. English speaking countries generally refer to both as a vehicle that can be hired for transport around town; non-English speakers tend to exclusively refer to them as “taxi”.

Bequia is easily reached from the mainland by taxi, which is one of the most popular methods. As the island is small, taxis can be easily found near most hotels on the island.

Bequia is a tropical island with plenty of beaches and activities for visitors to enjoy. It also boasts an elegant yacht club as well as numerous fine restaurants and bars.

If you plan to stay in Bequia for an extended period, hiring a taxi may be worth considering. This is an ideal way to explore the entire island without having to worry about getting lost or driving in unfamiliar terrain.

Before hiring a taxi, be sure to discuss your destination and estimated cost with the driver. It is also wise to let them know if you plan on paying by cash or credit card so they can guarantee their car accepts it.

When riding in a taxi, it’s essential to keep your hands to yourself and be respectful of other passengers. You may also want to inquire if the driver has access to an iPod or other music-playing device so you can listen to music with them.

Bequia is generally considered a safe place to visit, but you should still be mindful of your surroundings. Be wary not to leave valuables in your car, at the bar, or on the beach and take your security seriously.

Bequia is an island known for its idyllic atmosphere and longstanding tradition in wooden boat building. Its artisans are renowned for their handcrafted replica sailboats, which can be highly collectable and worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When visiting Bequia be sure to stop by Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop while you’re here – you won’t be disappointed!

Car hire

Traveling to Bequia by car is an ideal way to explore and experience the island. It provides greater flexibility than public transport, which may not always suit your itinerary or preferences. Plus, it opens up some destinations that might be difficult or impossible to access via taxi or bus, particularly if you are heading off-the-beaten-path.

You can hire a car from Bequia’s port or directly through your hotel; just be sure to double-check the type and other essential details. For optimal driving pleasure on Bequia’s winding roads, opt for an automatic transmission vehicle.

Renting a car can also save you money on sightseeing excursions. Car rental costs tend to be lower than taxi fares, so it’s an economical option if you want to save some cash while exploring Bequia.

To rent a car in Bequia, you need both an international driver’s license and valid national driving licence. A local driving permit can be acquired from any car hire company or Tourist Information Office of Bequia.

When renting a car, the rental company must receive your full name and driving licence. You may also present the car’s rental contract and credit card in your name to cover any deposits or insurance excess fees.

If you are renting a higher class vehicle, two credit cards might be needed to confirm the reservation at the rental counter. In such cases, please ensure to bring these with you when making your rental.

At peak times, the selection of vehicles available to hire can be limited. However, you can usually request additional drivers at the Bequia rental counter. These individuals must be physically present with their own driver’s license in order to sign the rental agreement.

When renting a car in Bequia, you have your pick of vehicles from budget-friendly to luxury. From small compacts for short trips and exploring the town to larger SUVs that can take you out on day trips to nearby islands or beaches. Additionally, you have the option of picking either a convertible or sports car for even more excitement!

Day trips

If you’re looking to explore beyond Bequia’s beaches and shops, there are plenty of day trips that will take you off the beaten path. For instance, you can take a day trip from Bequia to Mustique and Petit Nevis in nearby islands, or dive at Tobago Cays off its south shoreline.

Bequia is one of the few places on earth with such breathtaking natural beauty, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. The island boasts numerous waterfalls, lush tropical forests and active volcanoes – making it an ideal getaway.

A day tour around Bequia Island is an excellent way to take in its many sights and learn about its fascinating history. Visit the Bequia Boat Museum to gain insight into the island’s long boat-building and whaling legacy (whaling is still allowed here), or take a 90-minute hike up Ma Peggy’s Rock – Bequia’s highest point – for some truly spectacular views of the landscape.

From there, the road ascends to a stunning view over Admiralty Bay towards Mustique, Petit Nevis and St. Vincent in the distance – an utterly captivating sight.

The island is home to some of the Caribbean’s top dive operators, and its warm waters teeming with marine life make it ideal for diving or just snorkelling! There are more than 30 dive sites here – some of the finest in the region!

Bequia boasts some stunning beaches that are both secluded and uncrowded. Some of these spots are particularly ideal for swimming and snorkeling – particularly Spring Bay, Industry Bay, and Moonhole Beach on the windward side of the island.

On a day trip from Bequia, you can also visit the stunning neighboring island of Mustique. Stop at Basil’s Bar for some refreshments before exploring its stunning beaches and coastal trails. Just 25 minutes by ferry away, this island boasts stunning natural scenery as well as an intriguing history. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in for some adventure!

For an unforgettable half-day safari experience, why not try one of the island’s half-day safari tours? Take in the island’s vibrant shorelines, culture and islands from an open-top safari truck as you traverse across it. Your journey will take you to Hamilton Fort, Turtle Sanctuary and beyond, up Ma Peggy’s Rock for a bird’s eye view of the entire island!

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